Dr. Marc Resnick, Director

  • The Institute for Technology Innovation’s (ITI) mission is to create an environment and an infrastructure for technology innovation and commercialization at FIU.
  • The Institute focuses on stimulating university-wide faculty, student, alumni, and staff engagement in technology ventures throughout their academic and professional careers.

  • Green Technology Forum: ITI brings together leaders in green technologies such as green buildings, water conservation, and recycling for half day forums focused on presenting the state of the art in each area to an audience of local business leaders, researchers, and the community.
  • Research Assistance and Development: ITI provides consulting services for organizations with the support of the university’s technological resources as well as faculty and student expertise.
  • VentureLab: ITI works with students and faculty throughout the university who wish to transform their research or professional works into a commercially viable enterprise.
  • Workshops: ITI provides training, seminars and workshops focused on technology entrepreneurship.
  • Regulation Cases: ITI has developed cases that can be used as teaching tools in order to identify entrepreneurial opportunities from new legal developments and/or loopholes in existing laws related to technology.

  • Partnerships: ITI works with other South Florida, national, and international organizations to enhance the development of technology entrepreneurship.  Partners include the Consulate-General of Canada, the Kauffman Foundation, the South Florida Technology Alliance, and many others.

 For more information:
  • For a more complete listing of the Institute’s activities or if you have any questions or comments, please contact the Institute Director: Marc Resnick, at (305) 348-3537 or
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